What kind of house you should live in

One of my grandfather’s sons had to work very hard in his work load.

However, the house was neat and well worth the money.

It is a small, inherited home. So, when the house was empty, he lived in the village for a while and then the fire burned in the neighborhood.

It was a long time since the old man was looking for a place to build a good house.

However, about six months after living in the bamboo hut, Grandpa bought the lottery ticket.

He set up a business and became a rich man. In the middle of town, a large store was opened.

However, Grandpa said, “If my days were in the city center, my store would not sell at all like a rag and roast in my hut, but my shop would be as good as the chicken.”

There was another event that I noticed. We have a family who is very poor Sein Thaung not far from our house. It was born to a young boy named Maung Mya Shwe from Sein Thaung.

He also had four children above his brother.

However, after the birth of Maung Mya Shwe, the family grew up and Maung Maung Shwe became a two-year-old when he was born.

But the neighbors were upset that on the night of the new home, U Sein Thang suddenly picked up and dropped off.

So, the old friend of mine told me that he was lucky enough to live in a nice house.

In addition, the son of a village elder who lives in the forest living in a two-story villa house full of oil and gas was going to school when he went to school.

I have also heard of stories of people living in a big house overnight who had to pick up a child from a city clerk who had adopted a child from the town.

Therefore, each person must be lucky to live in a good house. I noticed that there were different types of kangaroo living in the house.

Later, when I became astrologer, I followed in the footsteps of the people. The experience of different types of home can be different.

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