COVID-19 launches Impact Assessment in Myanmar in all three sectors

The IBID-19 has launched a Impact Assessment in Myanmar in all sectors of the economy because of COVID-19, said Aung Naing Oo, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade.

“April 28, the COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan (CERP) has been released. This includes all the short-term processes. This is a detailed outline of what to do until the end of 2020. It’s a short-term remedy. Medium term DaNa Facility; An International Assessment Center (UNCDF) and three International Trade Centers have launched an Impact Assessment to assess the impact of Myanmar’s economy. Depending on the Impact Assessment, you need to know which side to take and which treatments. We will also elaborate treatment plans for rehabilitation, ”said Aung Naing Oo.

The current Impact Assessment process will be completed by the end of June and further remedial measures will be issued.

“The Impact Assessment is expected to be completed by the end of this six months. There are surveys now. We are collecting data. There are also reviews. This will be a process that will continue to be implemented, ”Aung Naing Oo said.

“The COVID-19 multilateral response plan, which will include a range of recovery strategies in all sectors,” said Thaung Tun, Union Minister for Investment and Foreign Trade.

Myanmar is facing challenges, to minimize the impact of social and economic impacts on households and businesses. “The COVID-19 Comprehensive Response Plan will be implemented soon,” Union Minister U Thaung Tun said.

The project will include policy reforms; The program includes a wide range of fields and programs. It will serve as a roadmap for Myanmar’s reconstruction of the reconstruction of COVID-19 in various sectors.

Policymakers will not adopt policies such as increased investment taxes and higher taxes for employment, but only policies that will not affect the social welfare and economic benefits enjoyed by current citizens of Myanmar. It also states that.

It also noted that Myanmar is still struggling to make concrete plans as it seeks to fight the global epidemic of COVID-19.