“Rice ATM” – a model for Vietnam: A rice distribution model in Vietnam

“Rice ATM” … to imitate …

Vietnam is a rice distribution model

– With the push of a button, it automatically drops out of the tube

– One 1.5kg dose is recommended

– You can pick up 24 hours. We will share it indefinitely. I don’t want to increase. This is because they don’t want to be a crowd

– Anyone can pick it up

Take only the poor, Those who can afford it leave it to the poor

– This is a system that trusts the public. You do not need to register to do so without having to register as a person.

– CCTV is set up so that you do not carry too much alone

– If there are too many people to queue, they have to walk two meters apart. The floor was arranged in a neatly arranged space on the floor for the queueers to stand

This is not far off. Vietnam is a system that applies …

We want to see this post – our Prime Minister, who has been busy organizing and distributing rice even when the project is being restricted.


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“Rice ATM” … to imitate …